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Capital Raising
Senior Debt, Mezzanine Debt, Equity

Ideal for:
  • Entrepreneurs, partnerships, family owned businesses and private equity portfolio companies
  • Funding acquisitions
  • Funding corporate expansion
    - Plant expansions, equipment requirements
    - New locations, personnel additions or other operating capital needs
  • Recapitalization
    - Buy-outs
    - Refinancing
    - Balance sheet management
Measurable Benefits Provided:
  • Optimization of capital structure, cost of capital, total proceeds available
  • Important relationships with, and connections to, funding sources resulting from years of working in the capital markets as capital providers
  • Significant experience in all segments of the balance sheet
Capital is a company's most important strategic tool. It is a meaningful component of the long-term success of any business and must be carefully managed because of its impact on shareholder value. In the middle-market, capital planning is critical because most middle-market enterprises don't have the same access to the capital markets as larger companies. That represents a significant disadvantage.

Thus, when middle-market companies require new capital, it is important that they seek experienced capital raising assistance to ensure that they satisfy the need with the best capital option. Across the capital structure of a company, be it senior debt, mezzanine debt, or equity, Jordan, Knauff & Company has extensive knowledge and experience in the capital raising process.

Application of our capital raising expertise includes:
  • Development of a full understanding of the strategic rationale behind the capital need.
  • Analysis of the company's historical and current financials as a foundation for making the decisions of how much and what type of capital best satisfies the capital requirement.
  • Leveraging our extensive network of capital providers by making recommendations to management as to which prospective sources of capital would best fit their needs, financially, culturally and strategically.
  • Working closely with the management team to prepare them for the challenges inherent to raising capital and advising them through each stage of the capital raising process