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Industry Development Projects
Designed for Groups or Individuals Seeking:
  • Proprietary deal flow
  • Multiple transactions in a specific industry
  • Closing one or more transactions with an aggregate value of at least $50 million in a single industry
  • Target companies with $10 million to $150 million in revenues or $1million to $15 million in Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization (EBITDA)
Measurable Benefits Provided:
  • Increased probability of non-auction opportunities
  • Focused, consistent and professional approach with full accountability
  • A customized database of qualified targets consisting of public, private and proprietary information gathered by Jordan, Knauff & Company
  • Methodology that causes compression of time in the opportunity cycle
  • Increased probability of reviewing multiple viable prospects
Industry Development Projects("IDPs") are a customized service offered by Jordan, Knauff & Company and recommended to any private equity group, company or private investor contemplating multiple transactions within a single industry.

A typical objective of an IDP would be to close $50 million to $100 million worth of transactions in a pre-selected industry over a minimum time span of one to three years. Targeted companies typically range in size from $10 million to $150 million in revenue. Our proprietary technology and information management, combined with our direct communications methodology, allows us to research and assess a complex and typically large target universe of companies. In this way we identify and qualify targets that best match our client's transaction criteria, are amenable to a potential transaction and represent the highest probability for non-competitive transaction situations.

Experience has taught us that the middle-market is receptive to focused and professional development of transaction opportunities. The classes of ownership in that market segment (sole proprietors, partnerships, small groups of shareholders and families) are most prone to relationship based discussions regarding the opportunity or probability of a transaction that involves their business. As such, entrepreneurs are not responsive to impersonal or other traditional methods employed to learn about their businesses and their receptivity to a transaction. Buyers and investors who are sophisticated enough to understand these characteristics of the middle-market now have an effective tool in the form of an IDP to develop and realize qualified opportunities. The IDP strategy was developed from the personal experience of Jordan, Knauff & Company principals as private equity investors and managers of acquisitive businesses.


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