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Industry Development Projects
Generating momentum within an industry to achieve multiple qualified transaction opportunities requires an appropriate investment of time. Thus, success in an Industry Development Project, defined as the creation of two or more opportunities worthy of closing, typically requires 12-24 months.

Costs consist of a project initiation fee, a monthly retainer, and monthly information technology utilization charges. The retainer is credited against success fees which are paid at closings. The amounts of these charges may vary with the size of the project and the target industry. Out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed separately at cost, up to limits agreed upon in advance.

Effective and consistent communication between Jordan, Knauff & Company and our clients is required for successful outcomes in Industry Development
Projects. As such, we communicate with our clients in two ways:
  • A regular, bi-weekly Deal Flow Report teleconference, which includes full details on activities, opportunities and recommendations regarding qualified prospects that fit our clients' strategy
  • Ad hoc electronic and telephonic communication as warranted


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