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Capital Road Maps
Designed for Companies:
  • That have a need for capital but are unclear about their capital options
  • That want to determine the capital structure that best suits their business plans
  • That are in need of a capital plan
Measurable Benefits Provided:
  • An independent assessment that is important to making capital planning decisions
  • Recommendations supported by analysis and experience
In middle-market companies, capital management often gets buried beneath the mound of challenges that managers face in the day-to-day press of business. As this happens, a rational capital plan goes unaddressed until it becomes recognized as critical, usually in the face of a capital challenge of some kind. These include growth opportunities, customer demands, capital expenditure requirements and myriad other causes. When a capital challenge appears, it is important for managers to know the options available to them. A Capital Road Map is an advisory project designed to objectively and independently research and recommend the types of available sources of capital and the ramifications of each. More than a generic list of capital providers, a Capital Road Map is tailored to prioritize sources of capital based on the advantages they would offer in each company's unique situation. Additionally, the Capital Road Mapincludes an in-depth analysis of the impact on the current shareholders of accepting any of the various forms of capital that are available. Armed with that important knowledge, managers and entrepreneurs can make an informed decision about which capital road to take and what will be encountered along that road.

Capital Road Maps are also useful for companies that know they will need a change capital structure or a liquidity event in the future, and need a road map detailing the path to follow so that the balance sheet and corporate structure are in the proper shape when the day arrives.