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Deal Sponsorship
Our firm will enter into a long-term relationship with successful entrepreneurial management teams who have the ability and desire to build a significant enterprise but lack the strategic business planning and capital markets experience to exploit fully the opportunity they foresee. We view such a relationship as a complementary partnership that endures for the life of the project. We call it Deal Sponsorship. To us, it means sponsoring a management team into the financial community by representing them in the capital raising process and, thereafter, supporting them in the execution of a mutually developed business plan until the occurrence of a liquidity event. We are, by design, highly selective in our Deal Sponsorship activities because we limit that activity to industries in which we have direct and relevant investment or operations experience that can readily supplement the operating attributes of the managers we sponsor.
Jordan, Knauff & Company's Sponsored Deals To Date:
-Liberty Propane, L.P.
-Smart Warehousing